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I'm busy

I read something and it made so much sense. The post suggested to removing the word "busy" from your vocabulary. While reading I was like, yeah right. But as I continued to read I totally agreed.

Remove "BUSY" and replace it with "FOCUSED"

I'm learning to be more intentional with my time. It's a process for sure,

I didn't see the importance of planning until I saw the importance of planning. I created alarms on my phone to help me plan my day around the things that I CHOOSE to focus on.

→ Spending time with my husbae, family, & friends

→ Working on my business (I refuse to give anything less than excellence)

→ Providing exceptional service to my ALL clients

→ Take time to always be a student to something

→ Grow my relationship with God (reading his word, listening to the word, worship music etc)

→ Making time for ME ( I am a non-negotiable)

Want a more fulfilled life? Learn to own your time.

Make today the day where you replace the word BUSY with FOCUSED. Focus on the activities that matter most to you. Everything else can be delegated or eliminated.

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