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From Teen Mom to TEDx Speaker: 5 Tips to Overcome Challenging Circumstances and Live Your Best Life

Life can throw unexpected challenges our way, and sometimes, it feels like the odds are stacked against us. But what if I told you that it's possible to rise above the most challenging circumstances and not only survive but thrive?

At 17 years old, 5 months out of high school if someone told me that I’d become pregnant I would NOT believe them. However, no matter what curve balls life threw at me I never gave up, I never stopped dreaming and most importantly I never stopped believing that this chapters in books are necessary to make the story interesting. Here’s what I did to help me go from Teen Mom to Tedx Speaker and 5 lessons you can apply to your own life.

1. Embrace reality and own your story.

I accepted the challenge to become a mom not knowing the how or what. I recognize and accepted things for what they were which made it easier to manage. Along with that, I did not let the circumstances define me. At the end of the day, circumstance are temporary. It's what you do in them to get through them that counts.

No matter what people told me I NEVER let motherhood deter my dreams; instead, I continued to set specific goals for myself and my Childs future. Whether that was taking a class, further your education, pursued a career, these goals kept you motivated and focused on something that was always bigger than what I saw in my right now.

2. Develop spiritual practices and mindful habits.

I leaned on my spirituality, music and therapy to stay grounded. Whenever I was down I would pray, go to church, listen to music (while singing at the top of my lungs), and go to therapy. No one around me really understood me so I had to get creative on how I healed myself and these are what helped.

The best thing you can do is to find outlets to express yourself and embrace who you are while on the way to who you are becoming. The journey is personal to you, so find what that looks like for you and adjust as you grow.

3. Celebrate the small steps.

Overcoming challenging circumstances often involves taking small, consistent steps toward your goals. I learned to give myself grace and just always MOVE MY FEET. I let my internal and spiritual GPS lead the way. No matter if I was rerouted I trusted eventually I would end up right where I was supposed to be, and so far I have been right. No failures all lessons.

On the journey to overcoming, it is essential to understand that nothing happens overnight. The more consistent, concentrated effort you take, the further you will go. Life is a marathon, and its about endurance rather than speed.

Along with that, having a resilient mindset is crucial. Resilience is the ability to bounce back from setbacks. Remember that setbacks are a part of any journey, but they don't define your entire story. As long as you are alive, there are more chapters to your story.

4. Educate yourself.

Knowledge is power. Invest in your education, whether it's formal schooling, online courses, or self-study. I collect information and store it because I never know when I will need it. Becoming a teen mom doesn’t look good on paper so I made it my mission to ALWAYS learn and grow, equipping myself with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in whatever room I desire to be in.

Start with your natural interests, but don't be afraid to explore new topics, and make a habit of reading, learning and growing. Make it a habit to buy and read at least one new book or e-book per month, and apply what you learn. Setting goals is one thing, but equipping yourself with the tools to accomplish those goals is another.

5. Cultivate a growth mindset.

I had bad anxiety about being a failure or just another statistic so I embraced a growth mindset and refused to be limited by circumstances. To this day, even as I am happily married and have more children, multiple businesses and a corporate career, I choose to always be better than I was yesterday. I learned early in life that mindset truly shapes reality both good and bad. I choose good so I constantly make the necessary adjustments.

All of these things led me to become a TEDx speaker. Remember when I said you have to have chapters in your story? Well all that I went through prepared me for that TEDx stage. It was a remarkable experience. The experience confirmed and affirmed that life’s challenges may seem insurmountable at times, but with the right mindset and strategies, you can overcome them and live your best life


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