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Here's my story

Since a child I always had big dreams, and goals for myself. My mom said I never played with dolls, I choose a microphone to put on some sort of show (singing, acting or playing talk show host) so I was sure that the entertainment world was where I was headed.

Little did I know, shortly after high school (5 months to be exact) I would become a teen mom. Life was just getting good being out of state in college. Having to move back home, to the very place I was so excited to get away from was devastating. I began to live a functionally depressed life filled with so much anger, disappointment, and shame. 


But in 2010 I made the decision that enough was enough.

I was determined to go after the life that I always wanted regardless what the teen mom stats said.

In 2011, I prayed about a relocation to Arizona where I had no family or friends (my wilderness) and I was released to make the move. It was tough (I cried every other day) but I knew I couldn't go backwards, ONLY forwards.

Fast forward to today, as a wife, mom and multi-hyphenate entrepreneur, I help women navigate through their life's challenges so they can own their life and style with confidence.

Inspiring woman NaTasha Aramis of Dallas, TX is a life coach, image consultant and speaker

Are you ready to own your life and take ownership of your story?

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